Islands denote isolation, being cut off from others. Not so in the kitchen where the kitchen island has become the place where the family and invited guests gather.Kitchen Island

Designers are responding to demands of increased seating, a larger number of electrical outlets and more storage. By equipping kitchen islands with under-the-counter appliances and electronic controls, these areas can now function as entertainment hubs, homework centers, and charging stations.

The new kitchen trend has homeowners doing what ever is necessary to make room for an island, including moving walls and taking space from other rooms. The island is the new “it” feature for every kitchen.

Self-proclaimed cooks and chefs are looking for elements such as flip-down cutting boards or a life to bring heavy mixers and blenders up to a convenient level. Other amenities include a microwave oven drawer effective for saving counter top space, motorized counter tops that can adjust to accommodate the height of the cook, and don’t forget the flat screen television.

Gone are the days when food preparation and cooking take place behind closed doors. These are now integrated into the experience for friends and family who can interact and help the chef who can enjoy socializing instead of being hidden away.

The islands rise in popularity is a logical one. Most people naturally gravitate to the kitchen’s centerpiece. It’s typically characterized by cabinets that create storage space, and what we put away, we must retrieve.

But remember, large kitchen islands aren’t the best option, as they have a center that’s very difficult to reach and result in wasted space. A kitchen island that measures 8 ft. in length by 5 ft. in width is optimal for most.

Nowadays, it can be difficult to find the time to get the whole family together. Here’s where the kitchen island shines. Children can do their homework while mom and dad prepare dinner while also answering emails, or researching help for the kid’s assignment. The bottom line is that everyone comes together and socializes, like it or not.

If you decide to add an island to your kitchen, keep the above points in mind and try to also choose the set up that provides the most functionality for your family. Now everyone needs the television, but your family will need reasons to interact with one another.

For those who are still a bit unsure as to the design of their new kitchen island, we suggest taking to the internet and looking through magazines for inspiration.

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