Part of the American Dream is to mark out a space that is yours. Many people install privacy fences between property lines in order to reinforce this sense of space. Privacy fences provide a lot of benefits for homeowners. A good privacy fence blocks noise and increases privacy from passersby and nosy neighbors. Privacy fences can also be used to block a bad view such as your trash dumpster or your HVAC pump.

Fencing materials

Most privacy fences are made out of wood, vinyl, or rarely stone. You can also grow a privacy fence using a hedge, but this type of fence should be installed by a landscaper and not a fence contractor. Wood and vinyl are beautiful materials that require minimal upkeep if installed and protected properly. Wood fences will need to be painted or stained to keep their structure. Vinyl fences are much longer lasting, though less durable than a solid wood fence. The fence can even be hidden by shrubs or climbing vines planted around it.

Building a fence

Privacy fences aren’t terribly difficult to install by yourself if you have flat land and a clear path. The design of the fence should match with the aesthetics of your property. Talking with a contractor and consulting your HOA rules can help you decide which type is the best for your area.

The most difficult part is making sure the posts are evenly spaced, vertical, and in line with the other posts. Without even posts, it will be very difficult to install runners between the posts. If your property won’t permit you to go down a straight path with your fence, you’ll want to do more research on how to rectify this or contact a fence contractor that can guide you or build a fence for you.

Please make sure that you’ve called your local utilities to mark all the pipes as well. You don’t want to have a nasty accident and expensive repair from striking a utility line! All posts should be sunk below the frost line to prevent the posts from being heaved out of the ground over time.

Once the posts are sunk, nail wide running boards about 1 ft off the ground and 1 ft from the top of your fence. These provide the structural support the slats. Cut the slats to match the contour of the ground and nail them up to the runners. Be sure that your nails won’t penetrate all the way through the runner. Two nails per slat per runner should be sufficient. Paint or stain the wood as you prefer and your fence will be complete.

Hiring a contractor

If you don’t have the necessary tools to set posts and cut boards, you’ll find that it’s much cheaper to hire a contractor to do the work for you. Better Decks and Fences has installed privacy fences all over Atlanta, especially in the Northeast OTP region. Give us a call and we’ll examine your site to give an estimate for your very own privacy fence.

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