Your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house where we spend time while sleeping and recharging with energy for the new coming day. This environment is considered as peaceful and quite, it needs to be protected from negative energy and supplied with good circulation of fresh air. Read below the best ways on how to Feng Shui a bedroom and turn it to a real sanctuary!

According to the basic elements of Feng Shui, the bedroom should be as far as possible from the entrance and the front door. It is believed that the good energy flow won’t go out from the door when it is not near to the bedroom.

Windows are also very important for the location of your bedroom. Chinese people explained that the positive energy named “chi” tends to flow between the door and the windows, which means it’s not good to place your bed where no energy is flowing.

For your sense of security and calmness, you have to choose a position for your bed from which you will be able to see the door of the bedroom. However, don’t forget that your bed also needs to be as far as possible from the door.

What can save your “chi” while you are sleeping is an enough distance from the window in the room. It has been proven that sleeping with head towards the window makes your chi to flow away and you to awake more tired and exhausted.

As you may see, the main house elements when it comes to Feng Shui are the doors, the windows and the interactions between them. Be careful when building your home and make sure you do it in such a way that you can get all the benefits from it.

When you are at home, always make sure the doors are closed especially the ones of the bathroom and the toilet. According to yin and yang, these are the places with the highest energy circulation.

Another widespread believing is about the chi protection during the night hours. It is advisable to supply your bed with a strong and stable headboard, so it can protect your positive energy and recharge it.

For the couples and their strong relationship, it is vital to place your bed relative to the wall which is up against. Try to choose such a position for your bed, so it can be equal for both you and your partner. A strong headboard or beside tables of the bed talk about stability and protection in the relationship.

Considering all that, finish the Feng Shui of your bedroom with choosing proper lighting. Ideally, you should prefer soft lighting that reflects in your room and avoid small ceiling lamps that light directly over your bed and where you sleep.

Decorate your bedroom with beautiful décor insights that inspire you and bring you positive thoughts, that help you relax and enjoy your free time. Opt for pastel colours and avoid dark and too cold ones. Mirrors are not a good idea in the bedroom, however, you can place one somewhere you won’t see yourself while sleeping. Don’t forget to de-clutter the room frequently and to keep the space under your bed free of any dust, dirt and useless items.

Following these simple but crucial tips to Feng Shui your bedroom, you can make sure you will bring positive energy flow, happiness and health to your home!

As a professional cleaner from cleaners Feltham, I have the opportunity to visit different homes and determine whether they use their positive energy potential. I, myself, use the methods of Feng Shui in my home and I think it’s one of the things that changed my life! Use our expert advise and you will feel the difference, too!

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