So you finally decide to pick a home theater system for yourself. However, when you go online to make your purchase, or you go to a store near you and you find yourself greeted by a wide array of choices, you realize, you do not really know what to choose. This is a dilemma that a lot of people actually face.

Some people think that picking out a home theater system is a piece of cake. How hard can it be? Well, if you want to have the best home theater setup without wasting any of your savings on additions that you do not really need, yes, it can be somewhat difficult to put together. In order for you to get your money’s worth when it comes to putting together what you want as well as what you need, here are some helpful tips:

Pick the right TV first– Think “theater”. The best TV for your setup is not your regular TV with the usual 4:3 aspect ratio. The best TV for what you need is the wide screen variant. These have a 16:9 width to height aspect ratio, which is really close to the aspect ratio of theater screens. Since the reason for putting together a home theater system is to be able to watch movies at home with a system that can emulate a real movie theater (though at a smaller scale), or something you can use for home video distribution, getting yourself a TV that is shaped almost like a movie theater screen is your best bet. Just make sure when you pick your TV, you choose one in a size that is ideal for the space that you have for your system.

Let the sound surround you– Again, for your sound system, think “theater”. When you watch movies in a movie theater, the sound comes at you from everywhere – in front, behind you, from the sides. This surround sound system can be easily copied for your home theater system as long as you know how many speakers to get and what types to purchase. For the best possible sound, a minimum of 5 and a maximum of seven speakers should be considered.

For a complete surround sound experience, a front center, front left and right speakers, and a couple of satellite speakers to each side of you are needed. To give you the deep, strong bass of theater sound, a sub-woofer should also be added to this mix. Of course, the number of speakers you purchase should be determined by the amount of space you have. Don’t cramp 7 speakers and a subwoofer into an area that can only accommodate 3 speakers.

DVD Player selection– The final component of your home theater system is the DVD player. Most new DVD players have a 480i output, with a few having 480p outputs, which are considered better. You can, however, choose a player that can play high definition HD DVDs or one that can play Blu-ray.

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